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Thank you for visiting my site. I have written a new book about the problems facing our nation. Americans have sacrificed their freedoms to our political leaders. Their promises to ‘take good care of us’ has led to massive power structures in the government, big business, and big unions. The propaganda emanating from our elite leaders has convinced many citizens to vote for their promises. Their political policies have put America on the brink of bankruptcy and extreme socialism. Unless a new power structure is created and the old one thrown out, the American Dream, seen by us and the rest of the world, will be destroyed. The logic for this conclusion can be found in my book ‘Greed is Good, Big is Bad’. The book is available on Amazon and Kindle.

The purpose of this site is to get countrymen involved in changing the path of America’s future. I believe only social media can organize enough strength to change the current power structure. Social media must challenge politically motivated assumptions concerning America’s domestic and international policies. What is best for America needs to be decided by us, not by the leaders of the Republican or Democratic Parties.

These parties control the purse strings of the election process. Their leaders select candidates who will vote the party line. Anyone with different views can run independently but has virtually no chance of winning. The cost of fighting against the deluge of Party propaganda is just too great. Social media has been shown to be effective in this type of environment.

It’s time for change. Hopefully, this site will start the dialog on how social media can lead to a better government. Please become a member in order to post your comments and thoughts, and join or create new groups on this site. To become a member of this site, go to the upper left hand section of this page and click on register. To post a commentary just click on the comment button above any commentary and you will be taken to the proper link. Click on Activity, Groups, or Members to navigate to other sections of the site. Unfortunately, registration to participate became necessary due to serious spam issues.